Sage Manufacturing Business Partner of the Year 2011

VSI helps Sage users to design more effective business processes and enhance the outputs and benefits they can achieve from their business systems. Consequently they are able to drive greater efficiencies from their processes and access accurate and timely information to aid decision making, responsiveness and cost reduction.

VSI is the leading Sage Manufacturing Business partner, with specialist expertise in process improvement and manufacturing systems, such as MRP (material requirements planning) scheduling and inventory control. We work with companies to help them define their IT requirements through to full implementation, process design, training and management reporting.


VSI has extensive experience of merging MRP principles with Lean manufacturing methods as the basis for driving real customer value, reducing costs and improving responsiveness to customer demand.


This focus has meant VSI has become trusted to reliably deliver on a number of challenging projects and where other implementations were not achieving the necessary sustainability.


World-class manufacturers at heart, we are always pleased to unravel your particular issues before even considering your IT options.